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amazon ebay arbitrage

Single interface app for manage & grow your drop shipping / arbitrage business

Inventory automation

Our tool automatically monitor source item price or availability and update the marketplace quickly.
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Auto ordering (On Dev)

Fetch the order from target channels then place the order on source supplier’s  site automatically
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Easy to list

Find profitable items and list on ebay, Magento and bigcommerce and make your dropship business more profitable
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You can respond quickly all your customer queries. Canned replies, order summary and delivery data to make simple. Learn more

VERO protection

Our tool will automatically stop or warn -if you about to list an eBay’s intellectual property policy protected item
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Mail confirmations (On Dev)

Automatically send the email confirmation when an order is despatched, received return or refunded. Learn more


Why Should I Choose Rich Melon?

ebay compatible application
All in one tool
Friendly customer support
Powerful tool with easy to use interface
One management interface for all
You will save plenty of time to spend on others
Optional trained arbitrage customer service assistant
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