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Outlook, gmail, yahoo and other mail channels

You can receive, reply, compose and delete messages. Also you can set auto-responder for all the incoming messages too

Social channels such as Facebook and Twiiter (on development)

You can connect your Facebook and Twitter account to respond all your followers queries from one place.

Order summary (on development)

Order summary for Amazon, Magento, Bigcommerce, Shopify.
Contain all the details such as shipping, payment received, tracking number and etc

Ebay order summary

It will display buyer detail, order summary, return request status, refund, dispute status, feedback status and tracking details

Ebay Dispute

You can do complete dispute management from here. Also summary of an order view, feedback, return status to respond accurately and faster.

Ebay return request (on development)

You can review the return request and order summery and other statuses to speedup your response. Also we planning to add buyer cancel request very soon

Auto assign rule

You can set the rules for incoming tickets to automatically assign user, category, folder, priority tickets and delete messages based on the incoming channel, time, day, day of the week, tickets and subject

Auto responder

Incoming tickets will be replied automatically with the message added in to the auto responder based on the incoming channel, time, day, day of the week, tickets and subject.

Forward Mail automatically

Folder build mail forwarding option so when that folder gets any message it will automatically forward a copy to the mail address(s) that you have entered in specific field

Canned responses

You can create unlimited response template to respond message in few seconds and you can also specify that where and which folder it can be use.

Priority and non-priority

Tabs for priority and non-priority with count if priority message in the folder and make your life easier to respond quickly

Easy filtering

Dynamic search function and easy use ticket filtering to find the exact ticket or group tickets to resolve issues faster.

Collision detection

This function save you lot of time and avoid confusion. The eye icon will appear if there are more than one user is viewing the same ticket so users easily can avoid responding to the same ticket.

Track user reponding time

You can be able to see the responding time on each reply on the ticket and average responding time on user profile and dashboard too.

Internal notes

You can add note to collaborate with other team member and it’s only visible for users. If they open any ticket they will notice instantly and do the action accordingly.

Auto swap SMTP

You can use unlimited mail accounts such as Hotmail, Gmail and yahoo and you can configure number of mail can be send out from each SMTP for each day to stay inside the limitation.

Auto strip attachment

You can create the rule to strip any attachment from the incoming tickets. Based on that rule system will automatically strip the attachment from oncoming tickets.

Recycle bin

You can configure auto delete configuration, delete attachment from any folder by status and date in bulk also deleted tickets will be here for 14 days. This function mainly for manage your storage limit.

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