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Free Ebay Listing Template

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Without Gallery

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How do i get the image link from ebay and paste here?

  1. Go to your item listings page (im using Firefox browser)
  2. Click right click on the main image (which is located on top left)
  3. Little window will be open with image
  4. On that image right click and choose view image
  5. If step 3 not works (Window wont open for the small images) in this case – use the step 4 on Main image

Whare do i have to paste this copied code in to my ebay listing?

  1. Edit your listing
  2. Go to description area
  3. Click the “HTML” on the description area (which is located in top left of the description area)
  4. Now paste the copied code in to that
  5. And carry on the rest to see the preview on your ebay listing

Please note:
If you edit anything on the template while its on standard tab – then design layout will get mess

Still dont know where is the HTML tab is?
please watch this yourtube from 50th sec – hope this helps

Description For Mobile Devices - 800 Characters


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