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Spy On Profitable Item

Our tool will compare the item against eBay listings and give you option to choose profitable amazon products for your inventory

Stay up to date

Our tool will automatically check inventory item price and available quantity on amazon or droshipping website and update your inventory and all the selling channels

Listing Manager

Easily add your inventory in to selling channel by individually or in bulk
And eBay fee, PayPal fee & profit will calculate automatically according to the configuration

Auto Order Processing (on dev)

Automatically receive the orders from all the selling channels and place the order on amazon or drop shipping website –Also update the tracking details automatically


Order, returns & refund confirmation will send to the buyer automatically once processed successfully according to your configuration

Message Reply

Respond all your selling channel queries without login in to your channels. Also you can view previous replies very easily

Duplicate Listing Warning

Our tool will monitor while you create listing and let you know if its already been listed on ebay and block according to the configuration

User permissions

Powerful user management system – which you can create customize role, customize permission and assign your users underneath your created role or permission.

Returns & Dispute Manager

Manage all your buyer returns and ebay buyer dispute and you can make a refund for buyer dispute and much more

Auto Watchlist for Buyer (On Dev)

Our robot will watch who claiming as not received or resend the order
and will be added automatically to the watch list and highlight the order

Auto Order Cancellation

If buyer sends you the cancel request
Order will be put on hold or cancel order and send the confirmation to the buyer – it will work according to the configuration

Template Set-up

Setting up invoices, ebay listing template . We also provide services for designing the above mentioned templates

Address Update Request

If buyer send you the request to update the address system will automatically put on hold or cancel the order

Inventory Upload

Add product via FTP, CSV or manually and scheduled FTP uploading – and you can also sell your own inventory too

Auto Price Changer

If dropship supplier price changed our software will add margin and paypal fee
then update that in to all selling platforms

Auto Update Paypal Details

Automatically update the macro & standard PayPal details on ebay listings according to the product selling price – to save some PayPal fee

VeRO Intellectual Property Check

Item will be check against the VeRO list while you listing on ebay, wont be list if its on vero list.
so you don’t get banned by eBay for violating ebay VeRO policy

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