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Ebay Seller Update – 2017

Ebay seller update – 2017

The Fall of 2017 – The News In The eBay Community

As a company, eBay is continually working to try and create a working and evolving environment for people which suits as many as possible. And with the autumn months drawing to a close, eBay has been hard at work trying to make alterations to the shopping experience.

An Improved Shopping Experience

One of the significant changes which have been made by eBay to try and create a more improved shopping experience is the upcoming plans to remove watermarks from items. In the past, the problem which was faced by some shoppers is that they had to try and identify what kinds of images were behind watermarks that showed people companies and organisations owned them. However, the latest changes mean that from the 1st of March, 2018, there will be a crackdown on watermarks, and people will not be allowed to have them on their listings. The hope is that this will lead to a more transparent and less deceptive shopping experience.

The emphasis will now be on professional pictures on a bright white background, which means that it is going to be tougher for people to try and create a false impression to drive up sales. The trade-off for this new emphasis is that eBay will be able to promote listings on Google and Bing with a higher frequency.

A More Secure Online Marketplace

There’s going to be a renewed emphasis on the safety of shoppers as well, as listings will display a security warning from the shopper’s browsers if the listings have any content which is not hosted on a secure server. Simply put, anything which isn’t potentially safe for shoppers to view is going to be filtered, and warnings will be given, so people know what they are looking at before they come to the listing.

If the listing is not working in conjunction with HTTPS based content, then only a small preview of information will be made available for buyers when they view the listing. To get the rest of the listing and understand the full description, they’ll need to consciously choose to click on the product’s entire description, similar to the current set up on mobile devices.

Overall, the new features on eBay are helping to make sure that the site is the safest it can be. With a renewed emphasis on making sure that the sellers are not trying to deceive or trick buyers, and that listings are safe and secure, the shopping experience is further improved upon and strengthened. As the shopping process continues to grow and expand, there’s going to be more and more of a crackdown on those people who aren’t trying to sell things with any legitimacy, and those who are looking to trick and swindle people will find that their listings are going to be removed and taken down. The best thing for any seller to do is to comply with all of the new regulations, and ensure that their listings are of an excellent standard to continue selling.

Listing Visibility

Expose your listings to more eBay buyers with eBay Guaranteed Delivery, schedule markdown sale events with Promotions Manager, and engage buyers with Questions & Answers.

  • In Fall 2017, eBay Guaranteed Delivery listings will be searchable for all buyers
  • Launch multiple markdown campaigns with Promotions Manager in Seller Hub
  • Create bundle and lot listings for extra exposure to buyers
  • This October, Questions & Answers will be added to View Item pages
  • Read more…

Policy Updates

Removal of off-eBay links, listings security, product identifier expansion, image guidelines, and eBay Catalog update.

  • Reminder to remove off-eBay contact info and links
  • In October 2017, convert HTTP content to HTTPS for a secure buying experience
  • Effective October 19, 2017, product identifiers will be required for new or revised listings for Seller Refurbished condition and, in some categories, Used condition
  • Effective March 1, 2018, eBay will prohibit watermarks on images and you should begin removing watermarks now to comply with the change
  • Beginning in Spring 2018, new and existing listings will be matched to product entries in the eBay catalog
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Display returns information in drop-downs, gain extra visibility for free returns, restocking fee update, and streamline returns with automatic acceptance.

  • Display returns information in your listings’ Return Policy drop-downs only
  • Get more exposure for listings that offer free 30-day returns
  • Beginning this fall, refund up to 50% of the item price if the return is damaged or missing parts
  • Starting in October, eBay will automatically accept a return request when the buyer pays for return shipping
  • In 2018, restocking fees will no longer be available when you offer free returns
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