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Ebay Listing Visibility 2017

Ebay Listing Visibility 2017

Getting More Listings through eBay On-Time Delivery

eBay on-time delivery system gets products to buyers at their preferred time. Besides, it also offers more visibility for all your products. You can quickly filter different items by looking at their delivery dates. This feature will be introduced to all interested buyers in the fall of 2017.

Of course, delivery speed is essential to buyers. They need to know if the goods that they are buying will arrive in good time. With eBay guaranteed delivery, you get this assurance as a customer. You can also use a secure toggle to filter almost all listings.

eBay On-Time Delivery to Reach Sellers at the Beginning Of 2018

On August 2, 2017, ebay introduced the first launch of this excellent guaranteed distribution to all interested sellers. But the journey does not stop here, and continue to improve this system. Ebay will announce the new feature to all qualified sellers early next year (2018).

Which Are the Two eBay Guaranteed Delivery Selections?

Ebay allow you to choose between two eBay on-time delivery options, door-to-door and handling. These two selections offer various levels of management and control. They also show shipping times on all your listings. So, compare these two options and choose the one that you love!

  1. Handling time – here sellers use eBay labels and eBay guarantees to determine the date of delivery. Also, sellers guarantee one-day delivery.
  2. Door to door – As a seller, you have total control over all your guaranteed delivery dates. This is according to your ability, rate of delivery and what you know concerning the courier services across all regions.

Now the Markdown Manager Is the Promotions Manager

Ebay have put together the Markdown manager in the promotions manager to make it a better marketing tool. You can mark down items and easily make sale events of close to 45 days. You can also create various promotions including order discounts.

All eBay users are eligible to make markdown campaigns with this tool. We’ve even gone a step further to increase the number of items you can mark down to 10,000!

Promote Unique Listings!

Now, you can improve all your unique and top quality listings for higher placements on eBay. This boosts your sales as well as visibility. It’s risk-free, and you pay once you sell.

A Combination of Related Products at Greater Visibility

You can get more exposure for all listings of associated goods (bundles) and other two on the same outcome (lots) listings. As a buyer, this will boost your overall experience and assist in driving conversion and interest.

Through Questions and Answers, Give Buyers the Required Information

You can now enjoy a new questions and answers tool on all ebay product pages. Ebay introduced this crucial feature in August 2017 to allow recent buyers and even sellers to ask different questions. Ebay want to ensure that you always shop with confidence.

Ebay will send all questions to your email, and you can answer issues depending on the product that you list. Your answer is ranked at the beginning of all responses on the item view page. Other buyers can even view your answer!

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