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Ebay Listing Policy Fall 2017

Ebay listing policy fall 2017

No More Links and Contact Information That Discourage Buyers from visiting eBay

Earlier this year, eBay announced that sellers should not include their contact information. Such contains details like phone numbers, email addresses and different social media links. Previously, you could add this in your titles and product descriptions as well as other eBay pages.

It also announced that those links taking customers to other sites instead of eBay would only be allowed if they come from permitted domains. They should also direct the buyer to product reviews, videos, and installation demonstrations. Further requirements include legally-required data and freight shipping services. Follow the stipulated guidelines for all permitted links to make sure that they work correctly!

eBay has added some exceptions since making the announcement. Now, you can include links in digital gift cards, regular gift cards, and also in all eBay gift card sections. Links to names of domains for sale are allowed in internet company websites for sale purposes. However, you should not add links showing the warranty of the item that you’re selling.

No Other Listings or Contact Information Are Allowed

As a seller, if your listings do not comply with this terms and conditions, you will get a warning through email. It will advise you on how to remove any contact information. You will also get notifications in My eBay and Seller Hub if you have listings which need closer attention. If you do not correct such listings by October 15, 2017, the following actions will be taken:

  • Removal from all search results
  • Unsuccessful submissions for revised or new listings having contact information
  • Replacement or modification of content which does not follow the specific guidelines
  • Additional crucial account-level measures

Secure All Your Listings

To protect all your sales, your customer will now find a snippet of the product description with a link that they can click to observe the full details of the item. This is when your listings have non-secure HTTP content, and your client is using a computer to access these listings. So, if you want it to show all the information, you will have to update its HTTP content.

Product Identifiers Can Now Have Additional Functions

Product identifiers are needed in specific categories. These categories include new products, refurbished items by manufacturers and other seller conditions. As a seller, you can now offer product identifiers with newly created and revised listings.

Product identifiers are:

  • Brand
  • International trade item numbers
  • Manufacturer part numbers

Including product identifiers on eBay improves consistency in buyer experience and visibility. Listings with legitimate product identifiers increase their exposure on popular search engines such as Bing and Google.

It’s important to highlight that product identifiers are used for critical functions. Despite this, if your product is custom made or manufacturer-unbranded, you may not get any product identifiers. In such cases, choose the “Does not apply” function instead.

Changes in Image Policy

Sellers should not use images with watermarks on their eBay listings. You will get a notification if your pictures do not comply with eBay’s policies. Constant use of such photos even after being warned will result in cancellation of all your listings.

Matching New Product Listings on Your eBay Catalogue

In 2018, eBay will allow sellers to make new listings and also control the existing ones. So, your products will be matched automatically with similar ones in the eBay catalogue. eBay uses the various product identifiers on all your listings to get the item that matches the product that you want to sell.

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