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Ebay Item Returns Fall 2017

Ebay item returns fall 2017

Faster Returns for both You and All Your Buyers

eBay makes it easier for buyers to get access to all their profits by displaying information in the return policy listing section. It makes it easier for sellers to remember and add returns information on the drop-down or structured area.

They’ll not need to keep repeating the returns information in their structured data because buyers love a more consistent experience. eBay also intends to educate all buyers on using the best returns practices by offering a resource section from the fall of 2017.

What Are the Advantages of Offering Free eBay Returns?

Through its 2017 summer updates, eBay announced that it can now offer additional exposure for all listings that come with free returns. These include:

  • Giving buyers options of searching and filtering through these free returns policies
  • When different buyers look at your listings, you get free returns
  • It also features listings with entirely free returns policies in all eBay marketing events

The month of October comes with new eBay developments. Here, as a seller, you will also have additional protection once you give free returns. You can even remove close to 50% of the product if it’s returned in poor condition as well as if it’s missing crucial parts.

No More Restocking Fee When It Comes To Getting Free Returns

Just like the name, open returns policies have no additional charges. From the start of 2018, sellers will not demand restocking fees while they provide free returns. However, if they do not offer these returns, they can charge a fee of 10% to 20%. However, at the start of 2018, buyers will only see the 20% restocking fee in the eBay listing.

eBay Ensures Automatic Acceptance In All Returned Goods

From October this year (2017), eBay will allow automated returns requests. Through this, it can make the entire process easier for both buyers and sellers. After accepting a customer’s return request, it will offer a shipping label to the customer as soon as he or she pays for all shipment returns.

However, this will only happen once sellers reply to their client’s requests within three working days. With automatic acceptance, buyers can return goods to sellers efficiently and quickly. Eventually, they’ll get immediate refunds on all returned products. This shows that it’s a time saving and convenient process.

But it does not stop here! As a seller, you can continue controlling all your returns by making rules in your specific return preferences. Doing so will help you to accept, and the process returns automatically. It will even assist you in sending fast refunds even before the buyer sends the product back.

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